Fall 2022 Information

Fall 2022 will be 15 weeks beginning the week of August 15.  There will be no lessons November 22-25 (the week of Thanksgiving).

As far as COVID precautions go, I have added an air purifier to my living room and I will still have hand sanitizer and extra masks available for those who need them, but I am planning to take my lead from you guys.  I know so many of you are vaccinated, and I don’t mind wearing a mask at all, so if you come up to my house wearing a mask, I’m happy to wear a mask.  If you do not wish to wear a mask, no problem, but I may still wear a mask depending on if I think we can keep our distance or not.

For in-person voice lessons, again, in the spirit of taking my lead from you guys, you can just let me know week to week if you would prefer to be inside or outside.  If you come inside, I may still wear a mask, but I will definitely have to remove it for some demonstrating (buzzing just does not work in a mask!), so keep that in mind.

For all in-person lessons, if you (or any member of your family) get sick, or if I (or any member of my family) get sick, we will revert to online lessons for as long as necessary.  In the past, I have required 24 hours notice for a cancellation; I can switch from an in-person setup to online setup very quickly, so I only need 15 minutes notice if you need to switch to an online setup due to illness.  If the student is so ill that they will not be able to have a synchronous online lesson at their lesson time, we can make up the lesson asynchronously via video exchange.

Here are the important dates for Fall 2022:

  • Aug. 15 semester begins
  • Sept. 24 Studio Class 11A (this will likely be a Zoom class)
  • Nov. 6 Performance class 1:30P
  • Nov. 20 Recital 1:30P
  • Nov. 22-25 no lessons – Thanksgiving Break

Fall tuition will be as follows:

15 30-min. lessons $437.50
15 45-min. lessons $643.50
15 1-hr. lessons $850

You can mail tuition to me at:
3740 Chatham Road
Louisville, KY 40218

Alternatively, you can pay me through PayPal (my id is [email protected]) or Venmo (my id is Jessica-L-Dorman-411), or bring the check to the first Fall lesson.

Payments received after the first lesson of the semester will incur a $10/week late fee.