Summer 2020 Information

Due to the ongoing pandemic, summer lessons will be online, either synchronously through a video call app (like Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Duo) or asynchronously through exchange of videos.

Summer session will consist of 8 lessons before August 10.  We have 14 weeks to work with, so we shouldn’t have trouble fitting in 8 lessons; this will allow students to keep up their skills, while still being flexible enough to allow for vacations and other summer conflicts should the country open back up (fingers crossed!).

Summer tuition (including the maintenance and materials fee) will be a follows:

  • 8 30-min. lessons $225
  • 8 45-min. lessons $325
  • 8 1-hr. lessons $425

You can mail tuition to me at:
3740 Chatham Road
Louisville, KY 40218

Alternatively, you can pay me through PayPal (my id is [email protected]) since we will be online for the foreseeable future.

I know these are unusual times, so please let me know if you have any financial concerns.  I am happy to work with you to find a solution to make sure we can keep up our momentum of progress.